What types of SIM cards can I get?

  • Global M2M Sims stock 5 different SIM cards
  • Standard (2FF) SIM Cards
  • Micro (3FF) SIM Cards
  • Nano (4FF) SIM Cards
  • Industrial Strength (Ruggedised 2FF) SIM Cards
  • Surface Mounted/Solderable SIM Chips

How do I activate a SIM Card?

  • Global M2M Sims are activated via the customer management portal
  • Free vehicle Tracking and Global Data SIMs are activated via

Can i deactivate a SIM card?

  • Global M2M Sims can be suspended or deactivated as required via the customer management portal


What data plans do Global M2M offer?

  • CAP Data Plans – These plans have a fixed monthly data allowance, once the SIM reaches its plan allowance it will automatically be suspended until the following month.
  • GROUP Data Plans – SIMs on a shared data plans combine together to create a “shared data pool”, for example 10 x 5MB SIM cards and 5 x 1MB SIM cards gives you a pool of 55MB.NOTE: Once your devices have exceeded their “pool” allowance you will be charged excess usage per KB.
  • For more information on our plans Click Here

What networking options do M2M One Offer?

  • Standard public internet access – This is the most common set up for most customers, it allows your devices to connect directly to the public internet and start transmitting data immediately.
  • Static Private IP – This is our recommendation for customers that need a secure method to directly communicate with their device in the field without subjecting it to the public internet. Devices with a private static IP address can be reached using a remote gateway or VPN.